Monday, December 15, 2008

Can't we all just get along?

From age 5 in 1969 through age 36 in 2000 (when I left theology for good) I lived with an ever narrower belief that God held favorites in the people of the world. At first I believed that it was Mormons, then began to understand that there are theology believing Mormons and social Mormons (God obviously only accepting the theological ones and not the social ones,) then around 1994 began to believe that it was smaller and smaller subsets of Mormons, culminating in a belief that the only favored people of God were a small group of fundamentalist Mormons which I believed that I had been guided to by the revelation of God.

In 2000 after a series of failed revelations and progressively bizarre revelatory explanations for the failures, as well as a mounting realization of other's egocentric 'revelations' and increasingly unpalatable prejudice and bigotry, I, along with my wife and several other family members , held our breath and took the plunge back into reality. We ran away as fast as we could, never looking back, and brought with us as many loved ones as would see reason and seek escape.

Being out in the real world was such a breath of fresh air! And finally coming to an understanding and realization that the world was occupied by such a vast and diverse sea of humans was awe inspiring! Knowing how close-minded I had been, I looked at the ocean of humanity and couldn't help but wish with all my heart and conviction: Can't We All Just Get Along!?!?!


  1. Coming from a fundamentalist evangelical Christian background, similar to yours, I know what it feels like to see God moving outside the walls of the church. And boy was I surprised! Once I seemed to break from the opinions of others, I realized that having a faith AND being trans could be possible, and it's been my personal faith in God that has helped me through some of the toughest times.

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