Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's Make the Loss of Others be an Inspiration for Forward Movement in Society

I know it's been a loooong time since I've written... and I've actually got an unfinished post that one day I hope to continue... but my heart is heavy in the wake of the news of our lost sister and friend to many: Mike Penner (aka Christine Daniels).

I won't go into details on this loss other than to say it is an apparent suicide. Lori (and others) cover it in detail with amazing insight:

L.A. Times Sportswriter Mike Penner (Christine Daniels)

I don't follow sports, so I never knew Mike (or Christine) other than to remember having read the headlines announcing the transition. I remember feeling excited and amazed that another "famous" person had finally come out and how brave it was to be so public about it. I never followed the story further until today when I heard the tragic news.

The sorrow and sense of loss that I feel actually has very little to do, directly, with Mike / Christine though. I sit in amazement at the volume of traffic on the internet surrounding this one individual and can't help but feel even greater sorrow for the myriads of other individuals who have taken their own lives of which we only hear a tiny, fleeting mention, or even never hear of at all.

We all know of people who's lives were taken up short by their own hands because of the intolerance of society for us and and others who don't fit neetly into society's mold. Let us be moved, as we remember Mike / Christine and the unknown numbers of others, to seek out and do what we can to help educate others about the importance of society accepting and embracing the diversity of human kind.

I firmly believe that one day the societal pressures that currently lead so many of our gender "non-conforming" family and friends to take their lives will be eliminated. Let's take this recent tragedy as an inspiration to do our part to bring that day closer than it otherwise would come.

Rest now, Mike / Christine, and have hope that you're life and the lives of so many others will not be in vain and know that we will always remember you.